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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh yea hi. Uhm. shall say about yesterade first.. woke up about 8 in da mornin and quickly went to hougang point to meet cressa they all for SS proj. and i was late. yea. haha. then reach there bout 9plus and cont to do the proj with them till 12plus 1 when we sort of finish and then we left. yea. After went to Hougang mall to meet dess lee they all. then went to hougang area de hdb there de somewhr to cut hair. waited very very very long. andyea i purposely ask the aunite to dun cut my fringe. wanna keep it. haha. then after that went to play lan. for 1hr plus bah. then it was bout 6 le. but i still went to find ellis they all to do chem proj -.-.. then do do do till 8like tat. then weent to bugis find sis. and she treat me sakae =]. then went walk with her till 11plus. then i went home alone =.=''. yup. then i slept bout 123o. andd i slept and slept and slept till todae 230...... 14HRS!!!! pro right. yea i noe. haha. but hor, slp too long will tired also de.... then i wak up alr gotacha use com till 4plus.. then it was rainin. then i was watchin tv.. then i fall aslp again!! till 6plus alil.... omg. slept 16hr todae.... then go watch tv watch tv and now. yea. im online. now is uhm 840pm. And tml is eng and amths exam. im juz worried that i would fail my eng again, although tml is only composition! hai. hope wun fail! or else die. And i haven study for amth. coz all my notebk all those in locker... only left some wrkshts with me... how study.... yea. so depend on fate for my amths tml le! yea. so thats all for now!. so byebye!! =DxD

8:23 PM

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

oh yea. hi. hello. yo. uhm. so crap. ytd got back amths matrix test. got 8marks. nice one.. alot ppl sae this is a easy easy test. and alot ppl score well for it. but me. haha. 8 marks... uhm. nvm.tats what one get for not studyin. haha. then todae emaths test. also nvr study. only this mornin go thru formulae. then its like i dun even think i can get 10marks for the emth test. i rox. =]. the most impt thing is i have not been payin attention in class for both e n a mths. so. ya. no wonder will fail. tsk tsk.

And one more impt thing. THX cressa SS grp for shou liu me, or else i would hav no grp ={. THxss. =DDxD

Thats' all. bye.

7:06 PM

Monday, July 24, 2006

It's been long since i last blog, yea, it is. uhm. no special reason why not bloggin, juz lazi to. hahas. uhm. juz changed blogskin. cant find any nicer ones for the moment. so use this for now =D.

uhm. last sat was our npcc nco farewell, and it was quite smooth, nth bad crop up. sad that the batch of nco has left and now had to take over already. muz take care properly of the unit. muz not let it fall in our batch's hand. hahas. was glad that my post didn't change, and will try me best to do well for the post. =D yup.

that's all. lazi to blog any longer. hahas. cya for now. byes

6:09 PM

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hi. It's youth day todae and thus youth like us should go out to celebrate being a YOUTH! not children or adults. =] uhm. ok. Went to watch a very lame movie juz now with some friends. and that movie is called.. ''SUPERMAN RETURNS''... For me, i really think it's very boring stupid and lame, plus u will really dislike this show when u have a bunch of 3 4 kids behind ur seats talkin shoutin mumbering stupid things like '' HEY!! SUPERMAN!!!'' ''EH, HE FLYIN!!!'' '' HE very HEAVY HOR!!'' and tones of craps like this, during the movie.... oH man, it really spoilt my mood watchin this movie with such un-wanted commentators behind... commenting every siingle movements of that SUPERMAN, while their parents dun giv a damn... but me and friends will sometimes laughin at their stupid comments.. hahas...ok.. Overall, i still think its a not interesting show..

Its school tml again, borin.. reaally dislike school. Its soo borin.. hai. but that's nth we can do bout it, right?

- - -

6:36 PM

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wah. as expected frm the first dae of school after a nice one month break... BORIN. SlEEPY. CANNOT TAKE IT! its like so cantt get used back to wakin up so early.. then todae go sch soo sleepy. the lesson todae also quite borin.. first dae school muz study liao. kao. but i now realli payin attention. cozz keep wan fall alsp. N lucky todae no nid hand up any of the hws, coz i nvr even do one. =] later maybe will do bah. OH YA!! todae take height and weight.. only grow a few cm but grow heavier quite LOT!! damn it. uhm. should hav excercise more durin holi!! arrr. i noww goin to start dietin... muz not continued let those PPL!! call me fat pig =P( u noe who u aRE!) uhm. diet starts tml.! and for noww, nth much to saee alr.. soo bye!

(School suxs xD)

6:21 PM

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh yea..todae is another normal peaceful day, so this gonna be a short short post. uhm. stayed at home for the whole day. was watchin anime from 11 right till now. wahaha. still have not done any homework. think of the compreSSS then sian liao. soo i think wait school start already then do bah. shall enjoy last week now. dun wan spoilt my mood with da aSSIGNMENTSSSS! =] hehe. cyaa! bye!

6:56 PM

Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh man.. its already the last week of holiday. so FAST!!! ARRR! how i wish this last week of holiday will never end. wahahaha. uhm. i have not done a SINGLE homework. i shall repeat myself, i have not even done a SINGLE HOMEWORK. not even the maths online heymath test. too lazy and does not have the mood to go check out the homework. tsk. btw, can anyone tell me when's the maths online test due date? i too lazy to check up heymath and do it -.-'' uhm. i think i most probably not going to finish the homework.. or to put it another way, i couldn't finish it. whahahaha. nvm. shall enjoy last few days of holiday. homeworks. uhm. leave till school open then see how. hohoho. okk then. i shall end here. =] byee

6:20 PM


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