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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fun Dae i hav ytd, bbq with me class 3e1. =D
It was fun !! although only less than half class turn up =[
DEspite the small amt of ppl who turn up. it wass fun =D
Me and jin wen meet and weent to eugene hse in da mornin ytd.
After we reached, we went to supermarket and
buy all the things that had not been bought the dae b4.
Meanwhile, i was rainin heavily -.-
10 of our class galss has alr reach east coast while we are still buyin da things
After buyin, da 3 of us rush there by taxi.
Juz b4 we board the taxi frm eugene's hse.
we received a call frm cressa and found out smth.
BYOP1 Area E which we act think was the pit code...
turns out to be '' BRING UR OWN PIT (1)'' -.-''
we was like FReak out when heard that...
spent 16 dollar for a small area w/o pit.....
WE went up the taxi and rush there aft da call.
we reach there. and was like the 3 of us carry all alot of things and was rainin.
we then walk a dist to find cressa they all, and they was wet by the rain too.
WE then together wait for the rain to stop in the foodcourt nearby.
AfTEr the rain, we went back to our area and went to thee beach and plaed.
and we in the end used aluminum ''rectangle shape bowl'' (dunoo how to sae...)
and put charcaol and set fire in it...
WE succeed and able to con't hav our bbq =DD
we start our bbq frm bout 5 all da wae to bout 9...
WE bbq LOTS of FOODs!!! chickenwings. satay & lots.
but i nvr eat much. hoho
we didt plae any class bondinn games which is our purpose of this bbq at all till bout 9.
at bout 9 plus. we plae a few rounds of -.- games and all went home aft that....
We wallk all the wae to outside east coast parkand took buss.
i took da same bus as jin wen and when reach home was alr 1130 or ltr.. -.-''
I STILL HAV FUN YTDD !!! memorable =DxD

ObiWan =)

6:32 PM


`Teo Kok Chen
``ObiWan =]]
`Bowen Secondary
`2e3`05 !!

`Likes baSketball =]]
`Likes ManGa
`Likes AnimE
`Likes JOLIN

`Hates backStabbErs
`Hates GAYS!
`Hates StuDies =]

`Want new handphone
`Want new bag
`Wamt new shoe
`Bascially... I WAN anything NEWWW~! =DxD


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