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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok. let me post one proper one for da first time =] letss start withh this mornin.
Durin da assemblyy todae, there wass a tallk bout da cross country tat is gonna be on da nxxt fri and followedd by some annoucements and so. after that, wennt for chinese lesson. It was a lame lesson todae, organiised by DAVe ng!!! he alwaes came out with stupid ideas. haha. He asked da bois and gals to take turn to go out andd hav a ''fashion show'' by one at a time, walk to the window and let our back face the audiencess inside de rm. mr dave ng wan us to take notice of our classmates( opp sex) da back. and wan us to write boutt our ''feelin and thoughss'' bout their back.... All of us was ''shyy'' of course, and so didt do as he wan us to stand there for 5sec or more. we all walk very faast pass the room by the window with our backk facin the room. He took video of uss doin that andd show us with da lap-top after that.. so lame -.-
After that wass emaths, hav test. i duno how to do lots and blank lots and slept =D. after that was recess followed by amths. Amaths lesson, i was tryin hard not to fall slp.=]] nxtt was Bio, actually thought that i could ''resst'' durin bio but in the end,cant as he wan those sittin in the most back( me) to movee in front ..... Break again, then was Chemistry.. cHem wass okk. thhenn.. SCH END! yay! andd wennt hoomme afft thatt =DDD

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