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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Got back Biology Paper todae. Didn't expect to be able to get a b4. was like expectin at most, if pass, a c6. But when the result was annouced, was quite suprised. Hahas. We was later bein given back the Paper to check. Found out it was the structured essay questions tat help me pull up the marks. ''Tyco`ly'', i get quite good for tat and thus able to get a b4. ALthough b4 wasn't a great mark, but was happie for tat alr. Hohos.

Conclusion for this mid yr exam result: 4 FAILS ! and with eng scorin 42%...... Think i might be the one who fail most.. HaLeiLoya....


After school, went plae basketball outside sch with friends, went( walk ) to 3 diff basketball court which is so far frm each of them, finally stop at plae at the 3rd court. Play for quite sometime and durin one of the matchs that we plae against others. I BROKE SOMEONE SPECSS... , accidentally but i still feel so bad.. And that person is a gal somemore ( but those tomboyish type) she was playin with us and i was like jump up and hit the ball dwn, then she juz nice go towars the ball, then the ball hit her face.. breakin her spec into HALF and one of the lense into HALF again.... THink use too much strenght.. I keep apologies to her after and she keep saes nvm... BUt i juz cant feel so bad for breakin her specs. tsk. And wad is more impt is she is gal ='(

Must be becareful when playin nxt time.


Btw, goin to hav camp this fri to sundae at palau ubin.. So borin. Dun feel like going because must bring the camp stuff to school on fridae. hais. Duno if shld go...



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