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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh yea hi. Uhm. shall say about yesterade first.. woke up about 8 in da mornin and quickly went to hougang point to meet cressa they all for SS proj. and i was late. yea. haha. then reach there bout 9plus and cont to do the proj with them till 12plus 1 when we sort of finish and then we left. yea. After went to Hougang mall to meet dess lee they all. then went to hougang area de hdb there de somewhr to cut hair. waited very very very long. andyea i purposely ask the aunite to dun cut my fringe. wanna keep it. haha. then after that went to play lan. for 1hr plus bah. then it was bout 6 le. but i still went to find ellis they all to do chem proj -.-.. then do do do till 8like tat. then weent to bugis find sis. and she treat me sakae =]. then went walk with her till 11plus. then i went home alone =.=''. yup. then i slept bout 123o. andd i slept and slept and slept till todae 230...... 14HRS!!!! pro right. yea i noe. haha. but hor, slp too long will tired also de.... then i wak up alr gotacha use com till 4plus.. then it was rainin. then i was watchin tv.. then i fall aslp again!! till 6plus alil.... omg. slept 16hr todae.... then go watch tv watch tv and now. yea. im online. now is uhm 840pm. And tml is eng and amths exam. im juz worried that i would fail my eng again, although tml is only composition! hai. hope wun fail! or else die. And i haven study for amth. coz all my notebk all those in locker... only left some wrkshts with me... how study.... yea. so depend on fate for my amths tml le! yea. so thats all for now!. so byebye!! =DxD

8:23 PM


`Teo Kok Chen
``ObiWan =]]
`Bowen Secondary
`2e3`05 !!

`Likes baSketball =]]
`Likes ManGa
`Likes AnimE
`Likes JOLIN

`Hates backStabbErs
`Hates GAYS!
`Hates StuDies =]

`Want new handphone
`Want new bag
`Wamt new shoe
`Bascially... I WAN anything NEWWW~! =DxD


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DaNial( broDa!)
JiA yiNg
Scze We
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